Municipal Water Works

What We Offer

Municipal Water Works, Inc. is a stocking wholesale distributor and agent of a wide variety of utility products, with a core focus of serving city and county municipalities as well as private and public utilities. Our goal is to look out for the best interest of our customers through the use of proven technologies and products combined with dedicated service.

Municipal Water Works, Inc. provides the following services:

Complete Water Infrastructure Analysis
This analysis will provide you with the information needed to make the right decision on the type of metering system that will best serve your customers and meet your company’s financial goals.

Turn-key System
Municipal Water Works, Inc. features a turnkey system that will allow you to seamlessly incorporate meter installation to billing software setup.

There are many benefits to operating a seamless metering system, including improved cash flow, lower net operating costs and maintaining the rising cost of utilities. Municipal Water Works, Inc. is your answer for a complete metering system.